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About Us

Genetics and epigenetics solutions,

since 2009

Established in 2009 in one of the most important science parks in Europe, G&life is the first company in the world to consider at the same time individual genetics and epigenetics, to deliver cutting edge solutions for everyday life and people wellbeing.

The multidisciplinary team includes Geneticists, Nutritionists, Pharmacists and Biomedical Engineers to provide products and services both for B2B and B2C clients.


Over the years, G&life’s solutions have aroused the interest of the national media. They talked about us, among others:

Our Products

Our mission is to improve people’s lives, thanks to studies on human genetics applied to wellbeing.

Epigenetic products

We develop food supplements and cosmetics, based on the epigenetic regulations determinated by the active ingredients.

Genetic programs

Comprehensive personalized genetic programs, with professional experts support.
Available only in Italy.

B2B tailor made projects

We create ad hoc projects for companies that want to offer their customers unique and innovative solutions based on genetics.

The only company that brings genetic breakthroughs in everyday life.

Our Ongoing Projects

What we do


Our consumer brand, that offers epigenetics products and personalized genetic programs in 4 areas: weight control, longevity, skin care, sport performance.


Our site for in-depth analysis and scientific dissemination on the link between genetics and nutrition.


Our distribution system in Italy, created to improve people’s lives not only from a physical but also from a financial point of view.

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